The Ultimate Tip to Skyrocket Your Triathlon Coaching Business

So, are you ready for the ultimate tip to skyrocket your triathlon coaching business? Using the book "How to Become a Triathlon Coach", Ben Greenfield and te coaches at the Rock Star Triathlete Academy have been helping dozens of coaches discover triathlon coaching business success, and have found one system that is incredibly effective in skyrocketing you to your goals. Here it is:.

#1: Find a sport on the calendar and reserve an entire weekend to sit down to write a triathlon plan for a sprint distance race. Make it 12-20 weeks long. Use Word document, Excel, TrainingPeaks, or whatever is your preferred method of designing training plans.

#2: The next weekend, do it again, this time for an Olympic distance.

#3: The next weekend, do it again, this time for a Half-Ironman.

#4: The next weekend, do it again, this time for an Ironman.

Don't cut any corners. Make these plans good. Pour your heart and mind and knowledge into them. Make them YOURS with your unique approach and passion for triathlon coaching.

Once you're finished, find a calendar of all the local races in you area. Preferably this should be a branded circuit or highly recognizable series of race. Which races do you know well? Which do you need to research? Call the race directors and find out as much as possible about the race, the conditions, and the topography.

Now, go back to the plans that you wrote, and customize them for each race. It won't take as long as you think. Do some need track intervals for practicing turnover for a flat course? Hill repeats for rolling terrain? Practice swimming in choppy water for traditionally inclement water conditions?

As you customize each plan, save it in branded format for each race. "16 Week Tinman Sprint Triathlon Plan". "22 Week Green Lake Olympic Triathlon Plan". You get the idea.

Once all the plans are ready, put them up on a webpage and list them for sale. You can use your own page, a page on TrainingPeaks, or even an Amazon or Ebay store. Preferably, make sure you choose a sales method that allows you to use "coupons" or "promo codes".

Finally, find a local race directory and take out an ad. It might cost you about 500-600 dollars. If you're selling your plans for 50-100 dollars, this strategy will pay for itself fairly quickly, and you can consider it a wise investment in your triathlon coaching business. List your race plans, and (ideally) a promo code for each plan that the reader can use.

Now sit back and watch the sales come in. If you have the time and ability to take on more clients, one dynamite strategy is to offer a discount on personalized coaching with each plan.

Why does this tip for your triathlon coaching business work so well? Because it delivers value to a wide range of athletes (customized training plans for races in your area), exposure for you as a coach, and, perhaps most importantly, allows you to profit whenever someone purchases a plan - something we refer to as automated income for your triathlon coaching business.

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